What is IDMLlib?

IDMLlib is a library that enables you to work with InDesign® IDML CS4+ Documents without actually knowing anything about IDML. With a few lines of code you can access everything within an InDesign® IDML document.

We save your programmers countless hours trying to figure out how to access page items. With the IDMLlib you can focus on your product or service while we maintain the high quality of the IDMLlib.

And just to give you a few ideas how powerful the IDMLlib can be for you:
  • Use IDMLlib to preflight InDesign® documents
  • Use IDMLlib to prepare InDesign® documents for InDesign® Server
  • Use IDMLlib to build your own automated invoice system
  • Use IDMLlib to extract information from InDesign® documents to publish them on websites and mobile devices
  • Use IDMLlib to scan and compare InDesign® document for automatic quality assurance
  • Use IDMLlib to read and filter page items so you only get those you really want
  • Use IDMLlib to quickly transfer data from InDesign® documents to a database